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Pioneertown, CA

Architecture, Interior and Landscape Design


Selina Gottlöber, Harry Fisher and Blaine Davis Photography

Inspired by the lifestyle of the early pioneers of the area and their primitive dwellings called recreation cabins. We have created a modern day retreat to simulate the rustic elemental experiences of those early settlers while optimizing cutting edge technology of the day.

The pitched roof is angeled south and is skinned in solar panels to optimize sun harvesting year round.
As well as create a perfect screen from the sun during the hottest time of the day.

The residence is kept cool during warmer months with pumice stone bricks and a wind tunnel cooling system, that draws cooler air from the lower level across the bricks and up in to the main level, with a vaulted ceiling and air vents, allowing the hot air to be released back outside.

The residence has a mineral filtered water pool that can used for drinking water and is integrated into aradiant cooling system.